This experience seeks to celebrate the diversity of the species of our unique world, while leaving the visitors with  sobering message that untold numbers of animals are disappearing from our planet each year due to habitat destruction and climate change. Yet, it is important that the experience inspires visitors to act, not shame them into responding. We seek to highlight the beauty of our planet through artful celebration, not suggest Armageddon through patronizing sermons. Through a series of sonic and visual landscapes, this installation presents an unforgettable journey with the extraordinary, irreplaceable creatures that share our world. It is imperative that this be accomplished through artistry and state of the art technology. The experience must be unique to every visitor. we present the ideas in an artful, theatrical way. This is more of an art installation than a museum exhibition. We should instill this installation with an approach that presents information open to individual interpretation, not fact laden sermonizing. The work of the photography Joel Sartore and musician/ soundscape recordist Bernie Krause will be heavily featured in this experience. 

Organized by The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago


Blue Sky concept, not realized.


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