XL Scenic seeks to create unique, immersive theatrical environments that enthrall and teach. Clear and dedicated collaboration with our client is primary in our effort to achieve this goal. We believe effective storytelling envelops the viewer in a bold visual world while presenting significant ideas in a clear, accessible way.


                                             Goals in collaborating with our clients

Sherlock Holmes Exhibit.jpg

Create a clear and concise vision for each project. As theatre makers we envelop ourselves in the story. Narrative drives the design.

We generate a unique process for each project. XL adjusts its approach to meet the needs of the client.

We are dedicated to providing customized, committed service for each and every project. We provide meticulously detailed, innovative designs based on extensive collaboration with the client.





Our aim is to immerse each participant in an interactive environment that allows them to fully appreciate the subject matter. We want to entertain and educate while allowing each person to connect with the world created around them.