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Robot Revolution features both the power and humanity of technology. This exhibit promotes Robots as graceful, innovative devices that enrich our lives and blur the boundaries between human beings and machines.

     We created an environment that is sophisticated and futuristic, yet comfortable and recognizable, where guests can spend intimate time with these devices. Combining high tech treatments and surfaces (i.e. polished metal and plastic) with comfortable, elegant furniture, and warm, inviting materials immerse the visitors in a functional yet personal space.

     It was imperative that we create interactive’s that are intuitive, elegant, and that foster a fluid partnership between the technology and the guest. One of the primary challenges in designing this exhibit was to demonstrate and feature the potential of the Robots while still providing friendly, unfettered access.


XL Scenic provided- Concept Development for Funding.
Developed and Organized by,
The Museum of Science and Industry

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